Other boats

There were at least half a dozen other boats at Fascadale. The most interesting were the two traditional clinker buiit dinghies, both about 13ft long, but one much beamier (wider) than the other. The Blue Boat and the Grey Boat. The slimmer Blue Boat was said to have been a Loch Shiel boat.  There was also a couple of square ended “pram” dinghies, one made of fibreglass, both never used. A 15 ft wooden “Rana” rowing boat was used very occasionally as a tender but she had no real purpose.

The ”Rana” coming into Fascadale bay, Rhoddy Macleod, rowing, Mike Barrett in the stern

The “Fisherman” was a modern fibreglass 16ft  “cathedral hulled” speedboat with a big marinized Ford petrol engine driving an “aquajet drive”. This jet drive could be lifted clear of the water at the press of a button. The Fisherman had been intended as fast, time saving transport up and down the coast to  fish the nets. She would have been excellent for monofilament light weight gill nets but they were banned and in any case the complicated electrics on the boat did not survive the salt laden commercial environment. She never moved from season to season.