Lorna Taylor as ever

Don McAllester for the wonderful 1975 photographs that form the core of this site

Jane McAllester for her help and encouragement to get on with it

Elaine Stokes whose interest got the OB 209 project and this website going

Penny Horner of the Ardnamurchan History and Herritage Association (AHHA) for continuing support

The members and volunteers of AHHA who worked so hard clearing the packing shed, transporting OB 209 from Hartlepool, painting the boat and their other ongoing efforts

Mike Smylie for the use of his writings and the sharing of his knowledge

Peter Aikman for contributing to the OB209 story

Paula Macleod for sharing information about her parents

Colin McPherson, for his generous permission to use his photograghs

Angus Corry, marine surveyor, who very kindly checked that OB 209 was “fit to travel” from Hartlepool

The Ardnamurchan Estate for generously providing shed space for OB 209 back at Fascadale

Thank you all