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Gorteneorn, often simply called Gorston and sometimes referred to as An Acarsaid (Gaelic for “the anchorage’) was the furthest east of the Fascadale fishing stations. It was in one of the most remote places in Ardnamurchan, see Map 2 on the Home Page The track that now goes to Gorteneorn was built in the 1980s

Gorteneorn, in the mid 1970s had a shed and a bothy, both largely intact and usable. There was a small net green behind the shed and the small bay provided good shelter for the boat in most weather conditions.

In 1975 the Gorteneorn nets were fished on a “share basis” by a crew based in Ardtoe.

By the end of the 1970’s the fishing rights for that stretch of coast had been sold to a local estate

Sadly the buildings at Gorteneorn have been vandalised and a track put through the net green. More of our heritage lost.

Shed, to the left and bothy

The shed at An Acarsaid

The bothy

The bothy